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Feeling freaked out by the state of the world?

Wondering what you can do about it?

Join Kumi Naidoo, the veteran social and environmental justice campaigner, to tackle some of the biggest issues of our time


What happens when citizens stop trusting the people in charge? Has COVID-19 made a better future more likely - or less? And how can we forge a new social contract that's fit for the 21st century?

Power People & Planet, produced by the Green Economy Coalition, brings together activists, artists and community leaders who are dismantling our broken system - and building something better in its place. 


Guests include a British diplomat-turned-anarchist responsible for whistle-blowing the UK government’s invasion of Iraq; a black woman community leader who stood up to City Hall in one of America’s most corrupt cities, and a Nigerian doctor taking on planetary health.

A life-long social justice campaigner from South Africa,
Kumi Naidoo was the International Executive Director of Greenpeace International (2009-16) and Secretary General of Amnesty International (2018-20).


Expelled from his Durban school at 15 for his anti-apartheid activism, Kumi’s campaigning led to him being arrested and forced into exile in the UK, where he earned a PhD in political sociology at Oxford University. 


After the fall of the apartheid regime, Kumi worked for the new government on adult literacy and voter education. He has subsequently served as the Secretary General of Civicus, a founding chairperson of the Global Call to Action Against Poverty, and the Executive Director of Africans Rising.

Hear their stories. 

Learn what has kept them fighting. 

Find out how we all can make a difference.

Our economies are fundamentally flawed. 

We need something different. We need a green economy.

The Green Economy Coalition exists to accelerate the inclusive and sustainable transition to a greener economic model.


We work with our partners around the world to give citizens a voice, hold governments to account, and drive real economic change.

Founded in 2009, we are the world’s largest movement for green and fair economies. We have built an international network of charities, businesses, citizen’s groups and civil society, united by the principles of a green economy.


To learn more or find out how you can get involved, visit our website.

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